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Music can be an addiction and a person can spend their entire lives pursuing the feeling it can give them. The beat dropping and sounds colliding and combining can give somebody an indescribable sense of nirvana. From his days roaming the halls of his middle school with headphones on, DJ Storm already has decade long career that has touched countries all over the world, and this is just the beginning. As the musical taste of the world progresses, staying diverse can be a challenge but a strong variety of skills keeps DJ Storm constantly evolving his fast paced mixing style. Spinning alongside artists from Shady Records, the Wu Tang Clan, and HBK; performers like KRS-1, Theophilus London, and Iggy Izalea, has helped to season this already talented DJ. Meeting and working with such influential artists has helped expand DJ Storm’s ability to cater to much larger crowds and venues. Royal Caribbean has even entrusted the entertainment on the largest ship in its’ fleet, the ‘Oasis of the Seas’ to DJ Storm in the summer of 2014. With over 5,000 guests, playing the ‘Oasis’ is no small feat.
After having played most major cities in the U.S., the multitude of entertainment destinations abroad is what DJ Storm has his next sights set on. No genre of music is out of range and no crowd is too large. As a DJ, music studio engineer, music producer, and spending over a year on Vallejo, California’s 89.5fm KZCT radio station; the list of accomplished entertainers DJ Storm works with continues to grow. He has earned the highest certifications in ProTools and studied under Brian White (who has work credits includingJohn Legend and the Black Eyed Peas). Sound Engineering and creating music with clients is how the days are spent after DJ’ing all night. His love of music started at the age of 14 and have sent this unique and ubiquitous man all around the world into clubs in different nations and into studios of the highest caliber. DJ Storm’s combined work has been featured by Vice, Sports Illustrated, Red Bull, and many other world renowned authorities on entertainment. If interested in working with DJ Storm or having him at your next event please do not hesitate to contact him .


Progression Towards Perfection

DJ Experience

Recording Engineer

Music Production

Radio Experience

Stark Contrast
Progression is natural, and every artist hopes to one day progress to the point where he or she can begin to help others up the ladder of success. It was with this vision in mind that DJ Storm started ‘Stark Contrast’. The ‘Stark Contrast’ name represents less of a talent management firm, and more of a platform for artists of a certain caliber to reach the next levels in their careers. The S.C. talent conglomerate is composed of a vast network combining Entertainment, Management, Web Design, Video Design & Editing, Music Production, Marketing, Investment, Photography, Distribution and anything else an entertainer would need to be taken seriously in the consistently and rapidly changing entertainment business. The team at ‘Stark Contrast’ uses these connection to cultivate growth for a client by leaps and bounds. Within this industry it is what you know makes you valuable, who you know makes you indispensable.

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